FigRs User Guide

FigRs is intended as a resource for 3 different user groups, and includes shortcuts to the most relevant material for each of them.

Habitual R Users will find graphing tricks to add to their toolbox. The best places to start are the Bag o' Tricks section and the FigRs Reference Handout.

InfoVis Practioners will find a variety of visualization challenges and a description of the design considerations that shaped our solutions (e.g. sketches, prototypes). The best places to start are the Gallery of FigRs and four of the worked examples:

Policy Analysts working in the management of marine fish resources or similar settings in environmental planning can use the R code and Excel templates to just plug in their own data for exploratory analyses. The best places to start are the List of FigRs and two of the worked examples:

Tech Support - All the FigRs are in pdf format, so you need the Adobe reader. GreyFish has instructions for downloading R and running the scripts. The spreadsheet templates should work with Excel 2003 or later, and to some extent in the Open Office Freeware.

Disclaimer - FigRs is not a commercial product. The Excel prototypes and R code on this site are intended as a source of ideas, not as off-the-shelf applications. Use the templates at your own risk. All the R source code is here and includes comments, but FigRs is not set up to walk users through each step. For detailed tutorials, check out the sites listed in the Nods section.