GreyFish User Guide

Peer Review - The agency publications included in the GreyFish data sets differ widely in the level of peer review they undergo and the degree of editorial polishing they receive. For more information, refer to the description of each report series via the GreyFish Search Portal.

Citation - If you use any of the datasets, please cite them according to this example: GreyFish (2012) Base Dataset v1 March 2012. Available on-line at Any stand-alone documents (pdf, pps) include citation information. R code should be attributed to the author, as identified in the header of each file.

Disclaimer - The datasets here are not guaranteed to be complete, fully accurate, or up-to-date with the expanding online catalogues of the various agencies. For the latest information, go straight to the source via the GreyFish Search Portal.

Inspirations - Work on this site is inspired by three long-running efforts in organizing fragmented information:

"Build it, and they will analyze"