Online Resources

SOLV Consulting is building a suite of online resources for participants in environmental planning processes. Follow the links on the left to explore.

Guidebook for Collaborative Planning

This e-book introduces concepts that often come up in environmental planning processes. We use general examples for illustration, without going into too much detail of specific case studies. The intent is to provide diverse participants with a common foundation for their deliberations.


GreyFish - A Portal to Agency-Published Fisheries Literature

Greyfish is designed to facilitate access to the grey literature produced by fisheries agencies and encourage its use. It is also intended as a launch point for scientometric analyses of this vast body of work (e.g. patterns in authorship).


FigRs - Visualizing the Elements of Risk-Based Decisions in R

FigRs is a collection of custom R graphs including source code, design considerations, templates, and resources for R programmers.