Decision Guidelines

SOLV Consulting focuses on simple, practical decision-support tools for the management of natural resources. We developed the concept of simple decision guidelines which combine the basic elements of more complex tools, but can be more easily applied throughout management agencies. SOLV Consulting uses an innovative suite of tools for eliciting and communicating decision guidelines.

In fisheries management, there are many situations in which information changes and the participants in the consultation meetings change, but the same choice has to be made repeatedly (e.g. how long to open a fishery). A typical example is the annual cycle of salmon management, where resource managers, stakeholders and scientists work together through pre-season planning, frequent adjustments throughout the fishing season, and post-season review. Simple guidelines for these decisions can improve the consistency and transparency of management actions, and facilitate the communication between stakeholders and resource managers.

SOLV Consulting hosted seminars and workshops for Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and developed decision guidelines for several Pacific salmon fisheries, including: