Ecocertification of Salmon Fisheries in British Columbia

Ecocertification is a powerful tool for bringing market pressures into the management of natural resources, with the intention of ensuring sustainable use and ecologically-sound management strategies. Due to the complexity of biological systems, ecocertification requires an extensive and coordinated effort to first find appropriate, consistent criteria for evaluation, and then to compile the available data. In addition to procedural and conceptual challenges for the client organization and evaluation team, certification processes also create a substantial workload concerns for other participants (i.e. management agencies, stakeholders).

SOLV Consulting facilitated DFO's initial assessment of information requirements for a multi-year evaluation of B.C. salmon fisheries, and then worked with DFO and the Canadian Pacific Sustainable Fisheries Society to compile the submission materials for BC pink and chum salmon.

BC sockeye recently completed the initial certification and are now subject to annual performance audits until a full re-certification takes place in 2015. The full archive of assessment documentation from the 8-year evaluation process is available here.

Certification for BC pink and chum salmon has been mostly completed in recent years. SOLV Consulting set up the client submission to double as easily accessible reference materials for stakeholders: