Integrated Fisheries Management Plans for Pacific Salmon

To support public consultation, Fisheries and Oceans Canada develops Integrated Fisheries Management Plans (IFMP). SOLV Consulting worked with the department to develop the current format for the salmon IFMPs.

The purpose of these plans is to compile all relevant information for each fishery. The IFMPs describe management objectives, available data, and fishing plans for upcoming seasons. This general concept was adapted for individual fisheries and species, but Pacific salmon fisheries presented a particular challenge. Five species of Pacific salmon are harvested along the entire coast of B.C. and deep inland, in many aboriginal, commercial, and recreational fisheries.

Due to the sheer diversity of Pacific salmon fisheries, the management plans underwent numerous revisions, searching for a workable scope and content. The plans now center on decisions guidelines for each management unit (i.e. stock or stock group). This approach has greatly reduced the workload for fisheries staff, because a large part of the management plans is stable from one year to the next. The IFMPs for Pacific salmon are available through the Pacific Region Fisheries Management website.