Policy Analysis

Modern policy analysis is an interactive and iterative exercise, using computer-based simulation models to support the deliberations of a multi-interest planning process. Here's one of our long-term projects:

Spawning Targets for Sockeye Salmon on the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada

At the end of their life cycle, salmon migrate up-river to their spawning grounds. Choosing appropriate targets for the number of adult spawners is one of the overriding considerations in the management of salmon.

SOLV Consulting is working closely with Fisheries and Oceans Canada on this initiative to integrate a complex simulation model into a staged consultation process. We are supporting the technical team on all aspects of programming, analysis, scenario development, running computing-intensive simulations, and synthesizing the model output.

SOLV Consulting also supports the extensive communication and consultation effort necessary to move this initiative from theoretical analysis to practical implementation. This includes hosting multi-sectoral workshops, summarizing technical reports for a general audience, and preparing comprehensive consultation packages. The initiative has now moved into full implementation: