Reader's Guide

Sources and citations: This e-book contains short essays intended for a general audience, and we chose not to include extensive citations or footnotes throughout the text. However, source materials are listed in the Further Reading sections and organized by topic area. Citations or links are included wherever we use specific examples.

Links: One reason why we're compiling our thoughts on these topics in the form of an e-book is the easy cross-linking to related information. We try to keep all of the external links up-to-date, but many of the government URLs are changing quite frequently as information on their web portals gets re-organized. If you notice any broken links, please send a note to

Pdf readers: Each chapter is a pdf file. You can download a free Adobe pdf reader here. If you've followed a link to another part of a chapter, you can return to the part you were reading. The keyboard shortcut "alt and left arrow" works in many readers. There should also be a "Previous View" button available somewhere on the toolbar.

Updates: As comments come in and new chapters are added, we will periodically revise the materials on this site, especially the Further Reading sections. There is a version tracker in the top right corner of each pdf.